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Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti is undoubtedly the best national park in the north. Bordering the Masaai Mara in Kenya,

Serengeti National Park

With the opportunity to explore Serengeti National Park, you can see a world of animals and African flora. There are many opportunities for adventure including wildlife viewing safaris as well as scenic game drives on foot or by vehicle. Discover the wonders of Serengeti National Park with your loved ones! Walk amongst giraffes, zebras, and elephants in their natural habitat on a guided game drive. Hike or bike over 100 kilometers through this vast wilderness to take it all in: from rolling hills dense with grassland life to imposing snow-capped mountains that tower into an azure sky. Trek deep within some of Africa’s last remaining wild places for once-in-a-lifetime encounters while tracking down these magnificent beasts – lions, leopards as well as many other animals including those you may never have seen before like hyenas and baboons! Tanzania Safari packages are the right choice for you.

“This is an area where all wildlife has to share space – predators with prey.”

The Maasai call this place “the land without fear” because there are no natural dangers other than man-made ones for animals here. The wilderness provides a haven from poaching or any number of human activities that might endanger them in their native habitats within Africa itself as well as across international borders into Asia and Europe. “We have lions roaming around freely,” says Rick Westhead who owns a lodge near Ngorongoro Crater on Tanzania’s northern rim which attracts eco-tourists drawn by its proximity to so many big games.

The soundscape of the Serengeti holds many sounds: from birds chirping loudly overhead to elephants trumpeting nearby. There are also some more subtle noises like insects buzzing around or water flowing through rivers below you, but even they will take your breath away with how loud and clear they come into earshot when you listen closely enough – all-natural phenomena untouched by technology save what we carry in our pockets

With so much room in Africa, it’s incredible that there is only one national park! The beauty behind this place is what makes it worth exploring with your loved ones. Book Budget Tanzania Tour Packages now!