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Top Safari Destinations in Tanzania

“Africa is a land full of surprises. You will feel the beauty of nature and see fearlessly roaming wildlife. Oh, you’ll thank god for your existence and giving you a chance to witness such beauty that no other country offers.”

Dreaming about a Safari adventure? Excited to capture the views of wildlife? If you’re planning to explore Safari Destinations in Tanzania, there are many eye-arresting sites you should visit. No matter what type of safari you’re looking for, Tanzania has a destination for you. The beautiful destination has a lot to offer to its visitors. From a remote mountain safari to a beach safari, there’s something for everyone. Tanzania has something for everyone- from bustling city streets to remote wildlife reserves, from the Indian Ocean coast to the Serengeti’s vast open plains, and from Mount Kilimanjaro to the world’s second-largest waterfall. The country is home to incredible culture, diverse wildlife, and amazing adventure. It offers the most diverse terrain for safaris, with game parks in the dry savannah, the lush rainforest, and the cool mountains. The country also has the most exciting fauna and flora on the continent.

Come to Arusha National Park, Tanzania’s most popular game reserve! It’s the oldest and second-largest national park in the country, and the most accessible. Do you know? It is also the most diverse, with over 760 different species of plants spread across its 2,500 square kilometers. Katavi National Park is a wildlife reserve in Tanzania, just outside of Arusha. It’s a great place to visit with your buddies, especially if you’re into safaris. And, it’s great for photography lovers, too.

If you’re looking for a park with a lot of variety, Tanzania Safari Destinations like Katavi has it all. It’s got the beautiful Serengeti plains, the dramatic peaks of the Western Arusha Mountain Range, and the dramatic East African Rift Valley. The Mahale Mountains is a stunning World Heritage Site, which is diverse and rich in its natural beauty. Lying in the northwest of the country, it is the largest mountain range in East Africa. The mountains are home to incredible biodiversity with an array of habitats, from the world’s second-largest bird cliff to rainforest, alpine forests, and more. There are many Best Places to Visit in Tanzania.

Gombe Stream National Park is a national park in Kigoma Region, Tanzania. It is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika and has an area of 10.72 square kilometers. The park consists of a rainforest and is home to a large population of chimpanzees. There are many places to visit like Lake Manyara National Park, Mikumi National Park, Ruaha National Park, Saadani National Park, Serengeti National Park, and Ngorongoro Crater. Book your Affordable Tanzania Day Trips now.

Top destinations in Tanzania


Arusha National Park


Gombe Stream National Park


Katavi National Park


Mahale Mountains National Park


Lake Manyara National Park


Mikumi National Park


Ruaha National Park


Saadani National Park


Serengeti National Park


Tarangire National Park


Ngorongoro Crater