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Discover The Most Scenic & Beautiful Rongai Route To Kilimanjaro


If you’re planning to Climb Kilimanjaro then the Lemosho Route is an excellent choice. Studded with panoramic vistas on various sides of the mountain, it is one of the most scenic trails on Kilimanjaro. This Kilimanjaro Route quickly rose to popularity due to its perfect balance of low crowds, beautiful scenery, and a high Kilimanjaro Success Rate.

The Lemosho Route offers a bit of everything. Enjoy the first couple of days in the forest with amazing views and scenery along the way. That’s not all, the Lemosho route allows camps over at locations with some of the best sunrises and sunsets on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Top Highlights Of Climbing Kilimanjaro Via Lemosho Route

  • The 8-day itinerary is a better choice for acclimatization despite the extra expense.
  • The Kilimanjaro Summit Success Rate is excellent.
  • If you take this route then the distance to the Londorossi park gate from Moshi or Arusha is a little longer but with great scenery.

Lemosho Route; Ideal Itinerary

The Lemosho Route can be climbed over 7 or 8 days, preferably 8 for acclimatization purposes.

Kilimanjaro Summit Success Rate Of Lemosho Route

One thing is for sure, if you take your time, your chance of reaching the summit increases exponentially. The Lemosho route is a prime example of that. It commands a very good success rate even higher than the Machame route

Lemosho Route Tips

  • Always remember, “Slow and steady wins the race”. So, keep a slow pace. Even your Kilimanjaro Guide will remind you from time to time “pole pole”. Listen to them.
  • It’s better to take a quick snack break at regular intervals during the hike. This will help in the journey, provide a small boost of energy when you’re feeling drained.
  • Always keep yourself hydrated. This is necessary to reduce altitude sickness symptoms. Just make a habit of sipping water at regular intervals, and you’ll be shorted.
  • A fit hiker is more likely to enjoy the entire experience. So, best to complete short treks before your Kilimanjaro Climbing.

At African Scenic Safaris, we love the Lemosho route, it’s our personal favorite. In addition to the most scenic beauty it has an excellent acclimatization profile, hence a great Kilimanjaro Summit Success Rate.

Our Kilimanjaro Success rate of the Lemosho route is excellent. All our Kilimanjaro Guides are well experienced, highly trained, and certified to the highest industry standards. To know more about our exclusive Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages, contact us.