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Ruaha National Park

The largest national park in Tanzania. In 2008 the Usangu Game reserve merged its borders

Ruaha National Park

Imagine a herd of giraffes lazily grazing in the slow-moving, cooling grass. Beady eyes peering out from around their long lashes stare back at you as they watch your every move with curiosity and wonderment. The wind rustles through each individual leaf on the trees that line this peaceful valley setting like an orchestra warming up before it begins its performance to delight audiences everywhere who are lucky enough to be here now.

The Ruaha National Park is home not only for these beautiful creatures but also other types of wildlife such as hippopotamus, buffalo, baboons and so many others!

Book Tanzania Safari Tour Packages to explore Ruaha National Park. It is a home to over 2000 species of animals, including the largest population in East Africa with 1000 elephants.

Ruaha National Park, the place that will take you on a journey unlike any other! Picture yourself in the middle of this serene landscape, with nothing but your closest friends and family around to share it all with.  This is a moment worth treasuring for years to come- don’t let time pass by without capturing these moments here at Ruaha. It has one of the most diverse wildlife populations on Earth and includes some big game such as lions and African buffalo are found here too! Explore its breathtaking scenery with your friends and family, where you can spend quality time together to enjoy the peaceful nature all around you!

The park is situated on the eastern side of Tanzania’s Great Rift Valley where it contains one-third of East Africa’s animal species; its topography includes thick tropical rain forest with patches containing bamboo as well as grassland savanna woodland. This remarkable biodiversity attracts tourists from around the world eager to see elephants living peacefully alongside giraffes – Ruaha offers you this experience!

Come explore Ruaha National Park for some new and exciting experiences. You’ll have a chance to enjoy time with your friends or family as you experience the natural beauty of this park!

You don’t want to miss your chance to explore the scenic beauty of Ruaha National Park. It boasts everything from savannahs and waterfalls, mountains and glaciers; wildlife too! So pack up a bag for this amazing Tanzania Safari Day Trip that you’ll never forget before it’s gone forever. Call us for more info.