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Mount Meru Climbing

What is the best route up Mount Meru?

Climbing Mount Meru is an excellent opportunity to explore a lesser-visited volcano. If you are interested in Kilimanjaro, then this trek can be taken just before or after your ascent of the tallest mountain in Africa!


Mount Meru Tours are challenging but rewarding trek for those looking to experience Kilimanjaro without the crowds. For six days you will be surrounded by stunning landscapes, refreshing mountain air and an active volcano with some of Africa’s highest peaks as your backdrop. Mount Meru is an excellent destination for those who wish to experience the thrill of trekking a mountain in preparation for climbing Kilimanjaro. Six days and 4566 metres are all it takes before you reach its summit, although once there, your view will encompass not only Mount Kilimanjaro but also Lake Victoria below.  We will be using porters for all gear, camping on snow-capped mountain tops at night in order to get as close to the peak as possible. This trip can also serve a prequel before climbing Mt Kilimanjaro!


You can climb Mount Meru all year round and your stay there will be as comfortable, if not more so than a tent camping on Kilimanjaro. One of the benefits is that you won’t need to camp during the rainy season or when it gets too cold up at high altitudes for hikes like this one!


Mount Meru Trekking offers an excellent opportunity to explore some breathtaking views without having to endure harsh weather conditions throughout most of the year-round calendar.


You will be able to see the most beautiful scenery on your Mount Meru trekking expedition. The lush greenery and towering trees make for a breathtaking vista in this remote locale that is home to many rare species of animals, some not found anywhere else during the year!You will be mesmerized by the scenic beauty of Tanzania and you will not want to leave. Don’t forget to go for mount meru trekking, as this is a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be found anywhere else in Africa!

You might also consider ascending Mount Meru in preparation for big brother Kilimanjaro because there’s plenty about this mountain worth knowing before embarking on such a dangerous endeavor.


Mount Meru is an active volcano that stands as a monument to the fact that Africa contains some of the most captivating sights on Earth. When we reach its summit, you can see for miles and miles in all directions; it’s almost like being able to stand atop any mountain in this world – but Mount Meru has one advantage over them: just look up! It may not be possible from many other peaks around here, but if so inclined you’ll find yourself gazing at Kilimanjaro rising from afar with nothing standing between us and our goal.


Experience the African culture and tour Mount Meru, the tallest peak in Tanzania. Whether it be Mount Kilimanjaro for its breathtaking views or Serengeti National Park where animals roam free, visiting Tanzania would surely make anyone fall in love at first sight. Take a look at our Mount Meru Trekking Packages for more information!


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